What does MBI look for in its managers?
We are looking for individuals who are smart, are self-starters, are action-oriented, thrive at multitasking and welcome individual accountability.  We are not looking for resumes, educational backgrounds or majors that fit a certain mold; managers learn the details of our business on the job.
What is the interview process like?
We recruit from top universities across the country during the fall and spring semesters.  The initial on-campus interview allows us to learn about you and assess your potential fit at MBI, and to provide you with more information about us.  Second-round interviews are conducted on-site at our office in Norwalk, and usually last the better part of the day.  Throughout the day you’ll get the chance to meet with a number of more senior managers and will also have the opportunity to spend time with some of our newest Product Managers over lunch.

Is there a training/orientation process?
We’ve found that the best way to train new managers is to let them assume responsibility for their products right off the bat. You will have a series of training sessions over your first few weeks to teach you about our company procedures and your tasks as a Product Manager, but most of what you learn will come from hands-on experience with your specific programs. 

What does a typical day look like for a Product Manager?
One of the best things about MBI is that there is no typical day.  You are responsible for many different products, all in various stages of their lives – so you’ll always have something to do!  From analyzing data from past marketing to predict potential future response, spending and profit, to designing a mail package for a new product’s first marketing, to figuring out why your customers aren’t getting their shipments on time – each day’s tasks are truly a mixed bag.  There are days when you cross everything off your to-do list – and days when you won’t even get to the first task because other things will come up.  It’s exhilarating!

What is the culture?
We maintain a very “flat” organizational structure.  Everyone is on a first-name basis and you’re as likely to have the President of your division walk into your office with a question as your peer across the hall.  We continuously challenge each other to think hard about everything we do, and we encourage our managers to feel responsible for, and to get involved in, all aspects of how we run our business.  

Where do most Product Managers typically live?
New hires typically live in Norwalk, nearby Stamford or New York City.  If you live in New York, MBI provides a shuttle to and from the train station in Connecticut.  If you have more questions about commuting, don’t hesitate to ask. 

Where is MBI located?
Our main office is in Norwalk, CT – just outside New York City.  We also have warehouses and shipping facilities located in Shelton and Torrington, CT, as well as an overseas branch in the U.K.

How many people work at MBI?
About 50 managers make up the Product Management groups.  All told, MBI employs about 450 associates across all areas of the company.