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MBI began business in 1969 under the name The Danbury Mint, which was then a subsidiary of Glendinning Companies. The company was the brainchild of Ted Stanley (MBI's current Chairman) and a small team of experienced marketing managers. Its mission was to market fine collectibles directly to the consumer, and its first product was a series of 21 medals commemorating the historic 1969 moon landing. The series was an outstanding success, and the Danbury Mint's product line later expanded to include jewelry, sports collectibles, die-cast automobiles and other heirloom-quality collectibles.

A second MBI division, the PCS Stamps & Coins, was born in 1970. PCS Stamps & Coins began by marketing U.S. First Day of Issue Covers, and over the course of the next decade became the largest organization in the philatelic field. The company today offers a wide selection of postage stamps and sheets, coins and special commemorative covers and programs.

The business grew rapidly and by the time of the incorporation of MBI, Inc. in October 1973, annual sales
exceeded $10 million. At that time, MBI was still a subsidia-
ry of Glendinning Companies. A little more than two years later, in December 1975, legal ties with Glendinning Companies, Inc. ended as ownership was spun off to stockholders.

MBI launched the Easton Press in 1975. The first product offering was The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written, a series of exquisite, leather-bound editions of literary classics. We became an international marketer in 1976, inaugurating our European Division with the opening of MBI UK's London office, which developed extensive Danbury Mint product lines tailored for the British market.

MBI was originally headquartered in Westport, Connecticut. Satellite offices elsewhere in Connecticut were later added for PCS. Our U.S. divisions were reunited under one roof in 1977, when we outgrew our Westport offices and moved to our current location in Norwalk, Connecticut. Continued growth has led to the establishment of additional facilities throughout western Connecticut.

Our business has been strong since MBI's founding in 1969. At our tenth anniversary in 1979, annual sales exceeded $50 million; by our twentieth anniversary, they had reached more than $200 million; today, they exceed $300 million dollars.