New York University, ‘05


While still an undergrad at NYU, Jim Zulick already knew he intended to pursue a career in the business world. His interest at the time included the advertising profession, and he interned at a full-service advertising agency in New York as an upperclassman. He learned some entry-level business skills — and enjoyed getting his feet wet in a professional, creative environment – but felt something was missing.  “I found myself wanting to do something that would produce more measurable results,” he says. He longed for a more “hands-on” experience – for broader, more direct responsibility for marketing, and realized that this meant working on the client side rather than at an agency.


So Zulick began looking for entrepreneurial opportunities in marketing, and found MBI through NYU’s career office. He interviewed, saw promise in the opportunity and joined MBI as a Product Manager in the fall of 2005. Right from the start, his workdays included the wide-ranging experience he was craving -- giving feedback to product developers, overseeing manufacturing, editing and approving advertising, checking on inventory, analyzing marketing data, and crafting marketing plans and promotional strategy.

During that first year with MBI, he was assigned to a succession of the company’s product lines.  The work afforded him a comprehensive overview of what the company does, and an immersive education in product marketing fundamentals. As his experience grew, Jim’s work was recognized and valued, resulting in a steady progression of promotions. He now holds the position of Product Development Director for the jewelry division, and oversees a team responsible for developing literally hundreds of jewelry items annually. Zulick makes it clear that the ability to think creatively while dealing with the business pressures of marketing is a crucial attribute for success at MBI – or for that matter, any marketing endeavor.

“Every day brings something new to keep you on your feet,” he remarks…a skill that also comes in handy when he’s playing on the MBI volleyball team. Jim notes, “A sense of community is part of MBI’s culture and that extends to sports, carpooling and getting together after work with colleagues who I now count among my closest friends.”