Joe Mallock

williams college, '15

“Even while interviewing, I could tell that MBI gives smart people a place to test their abilities and learn in a nourishing environment.”

It’s good to have choices, yet having too many can be bewildering, making it tough to find the right path. While Joe Mallock was interning as an undergraduate at Williams, double-majoring in Economics and Psychology, “I was all over the place. I started in wealth management for a couple of years, then worked at a medical sales company and finished with a public engagement internship at the Williams College Museum of Art.”  Then there was sports:  “Though I chose to play DIII football, I still took athletics very seriously—it was something I thought I might pursue after college.”


            So when it came time to consider career choices, “I was unsure about what I wanted to do. A part of me wanted to play professional football in Europe or Canada to see how far I could take my athletic career. Like a lot of my friends in school, I was also applying to finance and consulting jobs—though I didn’t feel especially inspired to work in either of those fields.” But something clicked immediately when he found MBI on his college job board. “This was one of the first marketing positions I’d seen and I found myself imagining working at MBI before receiving an interview invitation,” says Joe.

            The interview only strengthened his outlook about the company: “Everyone I spoke to asked me thought-provoking questions and my first impression was that MBI cares about the way that I think.” Sure enough, once he was hired, that same caring translated into the “ownership” that he finds to be the most rewarding aspect of his job. “As I continue to develop as a manager and prove myself, I am entrusted with more responsibilities. I take a lot of pride in being the leader of my own little ‘empire’ within MBI and becoming more involved in the big picture business decisions that shape the company.”

            Joe’s been pleasantly surprised by how much time outside of work he spends with his coworkers, who “are the types of thoughtful, energetic and fun people that I want to surround myself with.” Yet a favorite anecdote is perhaps the best indicator that he has chosen wisely with MBI: “In one of my first days, I was working on a teaser that would go on the outside of the package. I showed my boss a couple of options, and he told me to make the choice. This was a small decision, but I realized right then that being a manager at MBI is an opportunity for tremendous development as a leader and decision-maker.”



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