MBI: Where Leadership Begins

A career at MBI is more than marketing, more than product development, more than strategy and creativity. It’s a career in leadership. On your very first day, you’re given the responsibilities, tools and support that you need to make tangible contributions to the company’s success — and to your own. 

Kristi Patterson

Harvard ’98

"I remember from the outset, MBI promised to put me on a ‘fast-track to general management.'

“And as soon as I arrived, the company did what it promised.  After a whirlwind indoctrination, I was given broad-based management responsibilities for a key segment of the business.  You feel a bit overwhelmed at first. It takes a while to feel in control, but you learn quickly.”

Today, Kristi runs one of MBI’s two major divisions.



Jason Brenner

Penn ’97

“My curiosity was piqued by a posting for MBI at career services. The job called for an entrepreneurial general manager. 

“I liked the sound of it. A lot of jobs are one-dimensional, where you get locked into one function. This was something different — a lot more connected with the real world, a lot more hands-on.  It was an opportunity to run a business.”

Today Jason, as an Executive Vice President of the Danbury Mint, runs a substantial portion of that division’s business.


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