Smith, '11


As an economics major studying the financial history of America, Veronica couldn’t have foreseen that someday she’d actually see and hold the historic nineteenth century currency she studied. That’s exactly what she does as a Senior Product Manager with PCS Stamps & Coins. 

She also couldn’t have foreseen that her career would take her into the corporate world. Throughout college, Veronica worked with non-profit organizations, supporting art, history, and museums. “I thought I wanted to enter the non-profit art world, but I realized that I wanted a more fast-paced environment.” Today, working with coins, those two worlds have come together. She recalls, “Recently, I was at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and recognized the work of a sculptor because he had also designed a coin in one of my programs.


 “I’ve worked in the PCS division of MBI since I joined the company, starting with a few stamps, gold coins and historical products. Now, I market programs based upon more modern coinage such as the Kennedy half-dollar and the Sacagawea dollar…although I think my coolest product has been genuine ancient Roman coins from 300 AD.

“What I like most about PCS is the people. When I interviewed, I was impressed by how welcoming and friendly everyone was, giving me a good feeling about the company. And that’s just how it is. Each of my colleagues is a team player. We share ideas about different marketing concepts, new approaches to existing programs, what has worked and what hasn’t. We’re also encouraged to seek answers from the more seasoned managers; everyone is very open about sharing knowledge. Even after three years here, I’m still learning, and I never feel too intimidated seek out insights from others. It’s a real community.

“I’ve also learned to be open to inspiration and ideas at all times, no matter where they come from. I’ve even become more critical of direct mail offers I receive at home. I think about the envelope design, window placement, color, texture, etc. I never imaged that I would know so much about paper! There’s always something new and interesting to learn.”

Veronica’s responsibilities have expanded to include website design and development, and customer relationship management via e-mail. Veronica also enjoys the tangible results of her efforts. “The most rewarding experience is seeing the profits I generate through my products and the marketing strategies I implement.” That, and continuing to expand her knowledge of her first two loves – art and history – now filtered through the fascinating world of currency and coin programs.