“One big part of my job is analyzing market trends and adapting existing product lines to meet those changes. My boss and I brainstormed a new advertising and branding strategy for a product line of cubic zirconia jewelry that we thought would benefit from a more upscale identity. We then watched as customer response increased by nearly 50% as a result. It was incredibly satisfying to see tangible results from my idea – and to know that I had had a direct impact on maintaining the product line’s success.”

Jim Zulick - NYU '05

Fashion and fine jewelry have never been more popular or in demand.  MBI markets a varied and ever-changing line of original designs including rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, earrings and more, targeted to both men and women. 

We are motivated every day to design, innovate and deliver compelling new concepts and marketing approaches to maintain our success in this very competitive marketplace.



“At MBI, we’re encouraged to take on multiple roles, to immerse ourselves in all aspects of the business. I had an opportunity to do that not long after I started. I had a brand-new Federal Reserve Bank Notes product that was going to market. We needed marketing materials, but it was around the holidays, and most of the in-house graphic designers were away. So, in order to make my deadlines, I researched and wrote my own marketing copy. I learned a lot about my product from a different perspective than that of my marketing manager role.

This experience inspired me to learn more about my other products, too – and take a vested interest in their history rather than only focusing on how profitable they were or how to ship them more efficiently. It gave me the chance to be involved in everything, and that’s why I like this job.” 

Veronica Tjioe - Smith '11

Coin collecting has been a popular hobby for decades, and the marketplace today – especially for rare, historic coins – is surprisingly vibrant.  MBI is a world leader in the business of coin collecting, marketing a wide range of historic coinage, like rare silver dollars and foreign coins from antiquity.  We also capitalize on the newly minted designs in circulation today, like the 50 State Quarters, one of our flagship programs.




“We’re lucky enough to work with some pretty big name authors, and the response from their fans is sometimes overwhelming. Recently, we worked with Chuck Palahniuk to publish some signed, leather-bound editions of his novel "Fight Club." He tweeted about it to his followers, and within hours we were sold out of every copy. As a marketer, I can learn from this experience and make future programs just as successful, if not more. For example, while our customer communications have been mainly direct mail, we are quickly expanding into web and digital marketing. The opportunity to be given the level of professional ownership that I enjoy, especially just three years out of college, doesn’t come along too often. MBI promises a "hands-on" experience - and delivers! I know I’ve had a hand in every single book that comes out of here, and that’s pretty cool.”

Judy Tat - UVA '11

We are America’s leading publisher of leather-bound books.  MBI publishes books under The Easton Press banner, which includes a wide range of leather-bound book collections and individual titles.  The Easton Press also negotiates exclusive deals to market signed limited-edition books, including volumes by U.S. presidents, world leaders, celebrated authors and famous personalities.

Licensed MERCHANDISE and Other Products


“MBI is the perfect environment for creative self-starters who are driven to come up with new ideas — whether they’re interns or seasoned veterans. We’re constantly challenged to come up with new product ideas and concepts, and senior management really listens to our suggestions. When I was an intern, I proposed a collection of New York Yankees-themed pocketknives. The product passed survey, meaning it was approved and produced, and I was actually able to market it when I came back as a manager. I still find it amazing that I was given so much creative freedom and support to help better the business – even when I was just a "lowly" intern! That’s one of the best parts of this job. MBI welcomes the fresh perspective of new assistant managers. Regardless of how long you’ve been here, they want to hear what you have to say.”

Amanda Bennett - Yale '12

MBI markets an extensive assortment of licensed merchandise catering to various constituencies.  The selection includes a wide array of legendary brands and manufacturers, stage, screen and sports stars and other American and international personalities.  Licensors, iconic names including Disney, Coca-Cola, General Motors, the NFL - have our commitment that we will aggressively and creatively pursue successful product introductions and marketing strategies to maximize returns for all involved.

We are an opportunistic consumer products marketing company, constantly seeking growth by prospecting new categories, looking for our next great business.