Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Our Philosophy

MBI’s corporate philosophy contains basic principles which embody a deep commitment to our customers and associates. We believe these principles should guide each individual’s actions to ensure our continued collective success. These principles include:

Responsibility to Customers

We believe that MBI can prosper and provide good opportunities for our associates, only if we meet our basic responsibility to provide excellent products and superlative service to our customers. With this as our objective, everyone must work diligently to meet this basic responsibility to our customers. We must always remember that satisfied customers are the key to whatever success we might hope to achieve.

Responsibility to Employees

Our other basic responsibility is to our employees - to provide a good working atmosphere in which everyone is treated with respect, and can expect competitive compensation and benefits coupled with opportunities for professional and/or personal growth. We are sincerely striving to make MBI an uncommonly attractive place to work. We are anxious to reward good performance, based solely on merit.

Efficiency in Operations

We are constantly seeking to achieve greater efficiency. Only by achieving top efficiency in our operations can we attain the combination of properly managed costs and competitive compensation that is essential to our continuing success.

Commitment to Growth

We strive for growth in our business, not only in pursuit of greater profits but also to provide more opportunities for development and advancement for our associates.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion​

We support the cultivation of a culture where associates feel heard, valued, and empowered to contribute fully every day. We believe in the potential for greater diversity, equity and inclusion to enrich and strengthen the performance of our company, and expect that promoting these values can lead to a more dynamic and innovative working environment, to benefit our business, customers, and work culture.