PCS was founded as the Postal Commemorative Society in 1970, thanks to the success of the Moon Landing First Day Cover. Since then, the name was changed to PCS Stamps & Coins to reflect the addition of a large array of coin products.

PCS provides customers with top-notch service and selection, offering the fun of collecting without the hard work and disappointment. From Silver Eagle coins to Indian Head Pennies, from Morgan Silver Dollars to Kennedy Half-Dollar coins, from America’s historic stamps to Gold Coins to Walking Liberty (“America’s Most Beautiful”) Silver Half-Dollars, PCS offers a wide variety of beautiful, often complete, collections of coins presented with stamps, Biography Cards, Collector Cards, and attractive storage displays. Also available is hard-to-find paper money, from the ever-collectible $2 Bill to harder-to-find 19th-century and early 20th-century issues.

No more trudging from hobby shop to hobby shop, hoping to find just the year or mint mark that might be missing. No more worries about coming across coveted coins and not being able to pay for them all up front. No more piling up valuable coins in shoeboxes or warped cardboard books. With PCS, collections are reserved for customers starting with the first shipment. Each collection comes with a beautiful, sturdily crafted display for storing, showing off, and protecting the coins and paper money. Collections can gradually be built, one coin or bill at a time, with the guarantee of completing the entire collection. From the comfort of home, customers can anticipate something new arriving in the mail each month.