Clean Energy in Torrington

At MBI, we believe we can create more ways to be sustainable and do business the right way. Innovations in sustainability are at the heart of our fulfillment center’s design.

In July of 2016, we installed more than 2,200 solar panels on the roof of the Torrington Fulfillment Center; covering close to 100,000 square feet in total.

At a cost of more than one million dollars, the 605 kW system ranks among one of the largest in the state. The activation of the solar panels at the Torrington Fulfillment Center is expected to produce more than 80% of this facility’s electricity needs, which means we won’t be generating a half a million pounds of carbon dioxide every year- equivalent to planting roughly 10,000 trees.

Sustainable Headquarters

Merritt 7 is the first Connecticut office park to earn the EPA’s Energy Star Award for energy efficiency, a recognition it’s received every year since 2008.

Committed to a sustainable future, Merritt 7 averages a recycling rate of more than 50 percent of the total waste stream and takes great effort to reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personal to potentially hazardous chemicals and particles.

Since the building was first constructed, Merritt 7 has been committed to providing:

  • carpooling and telecommuting incentives
  • an integrated pest management program
  • a construction waste management program
  • a green cleaning policy

Having earned multiple awards and certifications from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) along with state and national organizations, the buildings at Merritt 7 have recently received LEEB-EB certification from the USGBC.