Our History

Our History

Since 1969, MBI Inc. has been bringing consumers around the world collectible books, jewelry, coins, and other products through direct response marketing. The company specializes in offering an ever-changing line of merchandise through print and digital media. This brief timeline shows a snapshot of our company’s history:

Danbury Mint is Born

On July 20, 1969. As man first walked on the moon, the Danbury Mint marketed its first offering: a series of medals to commemorate the moon landing.


Postal Commemorative Society is Formed

About a year later, in June 1970, the second major MBI division was born as the Postal Commemorative Society (PCS).


The Next Chapter: Easton Press

In February 1975, MBI entered the fine-books publishing business with “The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written.” 


Going International

In September 1976, the London office opened and began developing and marketing an extensive line of products under the Danbury Mint name.


A New Headquarters

MBI outgrew its Westport space and moved its headquarters to 47 Richards Avenue, Norwalk, which would remain the headquarters for decades.


Willabee & Ward is Launched

The brand that would eventually come to be known for its monthly collections – of everything from jewelry to collectible spoons to coins – is born.


25th Anniversary Celebration

A fun and festive circus-themed gathering for all employees at MBI’s headquarters marked this important milestone.


Building a New Fulfillment Center

A 200,000-square-foot fulfillment center with an automated distribution system is opened in Torrington, Connecticut.


Introducing: Davis & Towne

From handbags to home goods, the Davis & Towne brand is launched with a focus on offering custom-personalized products.


50th Anniversary Celebration

MBIers from all locations across Connecticut gathered at Norwalk’s beautiful waterfront to celebrate this momentous occasion.


Expanding to Germany

MBI expanded its operations to Germany and other parts of Europe under the Sammlergalerie and Galerista names.


Move to New Headquarters

MBI property on Richards Avenue is sold and headquarters move to the 4th floor of 501 Merritt 7.